The Vardos Delhren

A Resource for 'Beyond the Gates of Antares'

Delhren III – the Capital

Technically, Delhren III is a system controlled by the house Delhren but is most often applied to the habitable planet in that system, Dehlren III-2. The Delhren capital fleet does not orbit the star but remains in a position above the ecliptic, roughly in line between the Antares gate and the star itself.

The innermost planet of Delhren III is a heavily mined small planet with a slow rotational period. Where a second planet might once have been is now an asteroid belt just inside the ‘Goldilocks’ zone (the liquid water zone in which known life can evolve). The third planet is a little under 12,000km in diameter and gives 0.9 standard gravity. This world is, by many standards, idyllic for standard humans with wide, temperate zones, few desert areas and permanent, oceanic ice caps.

Whilst there are standard mineral resources available on Delhren III-3, the vardos has deliberately left much of it virgin territory. Instead, the planet is used and marketed as a game reserve, gambling and holiday resort, not just for its own employees and families but for others throughout Antarean space. Its buildings and population centres are tightly controlled and even its capital, Moralon Central, has a population of only three million people.

Delhren III-4 is a large, rocky planet rich in minerals and is now host to a great many mines. It is cold, almost airless (it’s atmosphere having been stripped away by two large moons) and is hostile to human life: grav-suits and protection is an absolute necessity, even for Boromites. Delhren -5 to -7 are gas giants, -6 the largest, around which orbit a wide variety of smaller moons and rings. The atmospheres of all three gas giants are used for research, fuel and raw material. The planet known as ‘IV’ orbits the largest gas giant and is barely habitable: breathers or low-atmosphere phenotyping is required and outside the equatorial regions, cold resistance or ice survival equipment is a necessity. Luckily, the poles are warmer than expected due to the presence of hot springs and active volcanoes (why these erupt at the poles is a question still occupying the minds of Delhren researchers, but the hot springs and geysers are a well-known tourist feature).

The fleet itself has an estimated population of many millions, though precise numbers are never available from the Delhren. Like other Freeborn houses, the Delhren’s heirachical shard is extremely security conscious and highly effective at blocking out intrusion.

An infamous, but smaller, city on the planet is Moralon Down Port. This has tended to attract the seedier traveller and adventurer but is renowned as a place where anything can be enjoyed or mercenaries of a more questionable repute may be hired.


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