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House Geff

House Geff Symbol

Symbol of the Freeborn Vardos Geff

This is a Freeborn House invented for a friend of mine with a number of near-ish SF figures who wished to proxy them into the game. Given the marvellous flexibility of the Freeborn list I made them Freeborn, added a few co-opted vehicles in from the Algoryn list, and invented a background.

The Vardos Geff


A very minor, Freeborn house specialising in the provision of mercenaries and the trade of refurbished vehicles and equipment, noticeably military equipment.


Freeborn rayed Aten symbol in green, white and red with the eye/sun disc replaced by the head of the Ydreig from Skrumm mythology (see background and bottom of page).

House colours

Green, white, red, with red predominant on non-military institutions.


The vardos Geff has dominance over very few star systems but two it has sole control over are kept isolated from the rest of Antares space. As a result, those two systems are technologically backward compared with the rest of the Pan Human Concord and Freeborn but are allowed an existence independent of interference from, or integration into, the advanced societies.

Whilst some manufacturing facilities are in place on both controlled systems, the primary use of these systems is for mercenaries or for household Domari troops. Whilst the first system, Keumri, is highly populated, relatively sophisticated and has rudimentary inter-planetary travel, the second system has a primitive world in the goldilocks zone and a populated moon orbiting the major gas giant. The secondary world, Geff II-2, has high oxygen levels and is populated only by reptilian species which can grow to enormous size.

The main interest in Geff II is the populated moon orbiting Geff II-4. This has vicious extremes of temperature and weather cycles due to the vagaries of the giant it orbits and the orbits of the other moons. Sometime in the past, however, it was populated by humans who then appeared to devolve both technologically and physically to produce the hardy human sub-species known as the Skrumm. The Skrumm refer to themselves as combrogi, ‘fellow survivors’ and are classed Ferals on the Freeborn scale. The Geff tend not to hire out Skrumm but keep them for their own, Feral squads.

Scavenged, rebuilt and refurbished equipment and vehicles is the backbone of Geff trade. They frequently send out salvage teams to abandoned colonies, population centres or battle-zones to recover equipment and vehicles that they can then use. The latter activity can be dangerous as it may also come across Ghar scavenger teams or even mercenary or other Freeborn houses undertaking the same activity.

The Concord and Isorians regard them with disdain, as rubbish-tip scavengers; the Algoryn just see the Geff as another Freeborn house. The Geff have good relationships with the Boromites as they rely on the output of the miner’s refineries to rebuild the scavenged products and frequently provide transport and ferry services.

The fleet is frequently found near the gate horizon in the Keumri system.

Field Technology

Most Geff field troops are Keumri using their own equipment supplemented by scavenged and refurbished equipment from Freeborn or other factions. The occasional unit of soma-grafted Skrumm is also not uncommon. Mag weaponry and reflex armour is the most sophisticated type of armament fielded and HL, plasma, fractal or similar advanced weaponry never seen. Keumri are often provided with advanced, specialised ammo for their X-Launchers, Micro-X’s and X-Howitzers.

The complexity of Batter shields is way beyond the Keumri but shield drones are common, as are basic targeting and spotter drones and probes.

Occasionally, Freeborn Vardinarii from the fleet might be seen on the battlefield, typically equipped with the more advanced weaponry.

House Geff Small Unit Cards – Domari troops, Command troops and basic support & scavenged vehicles


House Geff Symbol
Symbol of the Freeborn Vardos Geff
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