The Vardos Delhren

A Resource for 'Beyond the Gates of Antares'

Freeborn House Template

Intro: This is a template for house information on this wordpress site. If thee is anything non-game related, do put it here. Also add who you are at the end of this: <Yourname>

The Vardos <House name>


<One-sentence summary of the house, perhaps how minor it is and its main trading/functions>.


<Describe the symbol, send it to us if you have on (or talk to Tim Bancroft if you wish one built – we might be able to help)>.

House colours

<main colours> with <colur> predominant on non-military institutions.


<state the number of star systems, general technology, manufacturing,  details of functioning)


<State anything interesting about the fleet, particilarly wher eit is likely to be found or where the home fleet orbits if it is large>

Field Technology

<Game-related technology, such as preference for mag weapons if primitive, or a focus on, for example, Boromite support>.

<Link to unit cards or army list – we can add this here>

<House logo>FreebornSymbol_1024

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