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Freeborn Houses

This is a point of focus for the various fan- and personal- built Freeborn houses (vardos) for the Antares universe. Most of these are expected to be minor houses. ‘Official’ major houses such as Oszon (who trade with Algoryn) or the exiled Algoryn House Ma’req are unlikely to feature here other than enpassant or as a houses who otherwise affect personal houses.

Those belonging to a house regard themselves as vardosi of the house (typically suffixed with a ‘i’ which I think denotes possession or belong). For example, the a Delhren would regard themselves as a member of the vardosi delhreni. In the links below, the personal insignia of each house are displayed.

FreebornSymbol_1024The symbol often associated with the Freeborn in the rulebook and supplement is that of House Oszon, the oszoni (to the left), and not that of the individual houses. It’s worth mentioning that the Freeborn are far too independent for such co-operation! The oszoni’s symbol is loosely based on the Egyptian Aten symbol, though many have commented on its resemblance to the Illuminati symbol.

Player’s houses and links to their overviews are given below.

DelhrenSymbol_1024House Delhren – Personal, from which Batu Delhren hails.  A minor house, primarily Concord technology focused and which carries out a great deal of exploration. Batu Delhren is a Prince of the house and Commander Baray Tsulmari his bodyguard. Both feature in Antares fiction and in the supplement The Chryseis Shard.


The Vardos Sisters – From James Buckley. This is a network of loiosely affiliated criminal gangs and doma, led by three mysterious sisters, all of which operate independently across Antarean space.


Vardos Ipsimus – a sinister house from Christopher Wailes. Ruled by a renegade NuHu, it carries out a broad range of research that others may find distasteful.

Cadix Symbol 512

The Vardos Cadix – Adam Murton. A jack-of-all-trades house gradually focusing more on military capability through trades with House Oszon.


House Kaderis
Joe Arnaud – An unconventional house specialising in smaller and specialist, high-technology military supplies. They also have a small, three-system protectorate for sale.

House Geff Symbol

House Geff – An example house built for a friend who used proxy troops throughout. A relatively poor house  who focuses on scavenging and the supply of basic mercenaries.

ANO Other house – yes, this could be yours! This shows the general template I’d suggest and I can add it in here for you.

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