39 dice in the bag…

I didn’t mean it to be 39 dice in the bag. It all started quite innocently. ‘Oh, great. You’ve started painting your C3? I know others have and Tim3* wants to use Outcasts. Why don’t we have, say, a 1500 point game next week?’ A biggish game, for sure, but probably manageable in the time we had.

Matt’s reply was enthusiastic. ‘Yeah, that’ll be great. I can field 1000, half painted.’ Shortly afterwards, it turned out so could Ant. ‘Have you got 2000 points of Rebels?’ I nodded. ‘Okay. Let’s do one of the straightforward scenarios. 2000 a side. Four of us.’
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Game Report – Ghar vs AI, Outpost

Outpost – Narrative Scenario 5

For this game, which also introduced a new player, points were approximately 1150-1450 a side. Lists were as follows, with squad sizes given in square brackets. The AI was not quite Force Selector legitimate as it could be argued it should have had an extra Tactical choice. However, the AI had one outpost that was in a bunker and particularly difficult to assault.

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