Plasma Amplifiers and Reactors

The Ghar are one of the pivotal factions in Antarean terms: not-quite-human, a mix of genetically degenerate yet advanced and focused, warlike, understandably confused and, aesthetically striking. When learning, they can be difficult to face yet, after playing the game for a while, opponents get the hang of things and they can be difficult to use!

I love ’em. I love the models, the feel, the “Rebel-but-ideologically-loyal Fartok”/”Loyal-but-twisted Karg” backstory and the simple, existential dilemma they are now facing. It makes for solid narratives and stories in each game – and it’s that about Gates of Antares that really appeals.

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Distort Spinners and Grenades

There have been a few questions lately about grenades in hand-to-hand and the Algoryn Distort Spinners, and some unfortunate confusion about how Compound SV works with grenades. After Rick gave out a FAQ confirmation (see the Antares Forums), I thought it might also be a good idea to expand on that here, with an example.

It’s worth reading this in conjunction with the relevant rules in the main rulebook: Grenades on p.85, Distort Spinner (D-Spinner) on p.66, Assaults and Hand-to-Hand combat on pp.41-43 and perhaps Point Blank Shooting (PBS) on pp.40-41.

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Let’s do NuHu

The advanced humans known as NuHu are directly linked to the nanosphere (p.127). They have evolved so that they are an integral part of the IMTel environment, part of it and an expression of it. as such, they are difficult for the ordinary, Antarean PanHuman to understand.

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MOD units and deployment

Just so things can be kept together, this a pointer to an Antares Insights article I wrote on transports but which is up on the Warlord site: A closer look at transports. As with all the Insights articles, tricky bits were talked over with Rick, first, and in this case we came up with a number of FAQs, too, that Rick put in the August 2016 Q&A.  There was another question on MOD units which is worth explaining as even Rick forgot what he’d decided…

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Insights: Mix-ups and the Micro-X

One of the more useful weapons in an Antares infantry squad is the Micro-X Launcher. It can be used overhead (OH) like a hand-portable grenade launcher with several different types of ammunition, or can be used in a direct dire mode like a short range mag gun. Given it is a standard weapon, it can also be used in the Point Blank Shooting phase of Assaults, prior to hand-to-hand combat.

Because micro-X launchers are so flexible, it is hardly surprising that there are some mix-ups that crop up from time to time. As a result, I thought I’d run through them and explain how they work in the different modes, from LoS onwards.

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Tripping up on Assaults

There’s an interesting set of questions that keep coming up concerning Assaults, some of which include another gotcha, too: use of the blast template. So, I though it might be worth running through a particularly complicated assault and explain it, step-by-step. Such an assault would be between a unit of three Ghar Assault Troopers and a Weapon Drone, say the C3D1 with a plasma light support.

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