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Shaltok 12-41-9

Shaltok is no ordinary Ghar. Whilst he is one of the many Ghar clones, he comes from the same hatchery as the infamous Fartok and High Commander Karg. All three supposedly belong to the communal, almost hive-like species specifically GM’d for a long-forgotten war against humans but all three come from a Hatchery (12) that has developed distinct problems and is producing Ghar with very un-Ghar-like traits.

Karg and Fartok come from the same High Commander brood (-40); Shaltok sprung from a Commander brood (-41) and is never expected to command armies, merely battalions. Being of Commander status Shaltok’s strategical brain surface is less well developed than Karg or Fartok, but his tactical and combined arms awareness is just as competent. In all three, however, obedience from those beneath them is in-bred, expected and automatically given.

So, this gives Shaltok’s unique nomenclature: 12-41-9, Hatchery-Brood-Serial number and Name, though how many different names the Ghar actually have is unknown.  It is possible that they are given out to differentiate between two Ghar with the same serial number in the Hatchery recycling order.

At present, Shaltok is gaining experience but is likely soon to be promoted into his bred rank. It seems, however, that he likes his customised battle suit a bit too much and asks too many questions about his assignments rather than just obeying…

Such emotion and behaviour springs from the troubles with Hatchery 12. Not only is Karg more resentful than the ordinary Ghar, and Fartok dares to set up his own, rival empire, perhaps believing he is setting up the true Ghar Empire with optimal use of resources, but Shaltok has distinct self-survival traits and some very loose synpatic connections when it comes to obedience to his superiors. Indeed, to ensure his own survival, Shaltok has smuggled three Ghar techs from Hatchery 12 into his Outcasts. These techs are more imaginative than run-of-the-mill Ghar and are not afraid to play with banned technology – just as Fartok is not afraid of using such technology in his rebel armies.

Shaltok is unfortunate in sharing much of the same numbering as Karg, perhaps suggesting why Karg appears to resent him so much. This poses a question for Shaltok: is he being deliberately being put at risk by Karg or does the High Commander recognise a very capable individual when he sees one?

Shaltok does not expect an answer: all he can do is survive.


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