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Antares City Planning and Society: Isorian Senatex

Isorian Faction Symbol

Isorian Senatex

In the first part of this series of musings we looked at the Concord and reflected briefly on how people and things might influence the IMTel. If any proof of this was needed one has only to look at the Isorians. The separation of just the  Isorian and Concord  IMTels  themselves will have resulted in some subtle changes over the aeons, but the influence of the Tsan Kiri integration will have made the changes even more marked.

So what influence would this have over the cities of the Isorian Senatex. For a start the most obvious change would be the architectural design of its structures. The bio-silicon technology would give the whole city a more organic look. Appearing to be more grown that manufactured by machine, some aspects would appear to be wholly decorative rather than functional (something no Concord IMTel would create) or might be of some function only a Tsan from a thousand years ago would recognise.

Another change would be found at the heart of the city. Here would be seen a great towering dome, home to those who make up the local Senatex. It’s surface would be punctured by great roundels of coloured glass, aping the lenses of their armour. Creating shafts of coloured light inside, more art deco aquarium than gothic cathedral. But this would be no display of power only a subliminal echo of its function in society. The Isorian Shard and the cities Senatex would bubble up out of the surrounding structures like a blister under a magnifying glass, so too would other buildings of importance. Such as those dealing with decoding the latest scientific discoveries found on new worlds.

It may be surprising to note that the layout of the city may well mirror the blueprints of any of those of Concord society with a few notable exceptions. The first of those one would expect would be the location of the cities themselves. Due to the Tsan influence they would be located in the more wilder places, not on great flat plains, but in the shadow of great mountains, on the floors of vast meteor impact craters, or even appearing to tumble into alien seas like Icelandic lava flows, scenery in which the alien part of the Isori would feel more at home.

Another change would be the need to feel enclosed, surround by a shell, also echoing the armour of its armies. The open areas of Concord cities would be encased, the highways and gardens would be capped by arches and rib like structures, allowing light in but not entirely open to the skies. Also one might note this need may in fact account for a willingness in some individuals to replace their soft flesh with the more shell like bodies of Isorian drones!

The Tsan undercurrents may well affect the entertainments of its citizens. Concert halls vibrating to the sound of strange discordant music and soothing light shows. The muscle memory of an excess of limbs might reveal itself in ‘experimental dance’ like movements on the exercise grounds. One gets the feeling the Isorian citizens would be more tactile, even ‘touchy-feely’, and might invade your personal space more than other civilisations, even with the logical coldness of the Isorian IMTel at work. Indeed the internal clock of the Isorian society might be out of kilter with those of Concord. They might find the twilight hours more to their suiting for the working day to begin. And we can’t forget about the altered diet of its people: a Concord visitor may well turn his, or hers nose up at any dish presented before them as, in some cases, it might prove a little too rare and lively to be enjoyed!

To return to the city at large another visible change would be how the city will match its surrounding in colour, like a chameleon it will blend into the landscape, taking on the natural colour of the rocks, even if not made of the same material.

Like the cities of Concord there would be very little evidence seen of defensive structures, those would be confined to areas well away from the cities as in our societies. The spaceports would also lay on the fringes serving orbital space stations, welcoming visitors and Freeborn traders alike. Both the Concord and Isorian IMTel share a confident belief in their own strength to resist or assimilate intruders long before they reach their home worlds and before a shot is even fired.

By Wayne Clayton


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