The Vardos Delhren

A Resource for 'Beyond the Gates of Antares'

Musings on Pan Urban City Planning and Society

by Wayne Clayton

The musing that follow started out life as just that, musings,  therefore in some places these thoughts have drifted a little from the beaten track as far as the official guides go. Tim Bancroft has kindly come to my rescue to correct my course, saving me from ploughing head first into the nearest supernova at full tilt. So some part have been amended and others expanded upon from the original text so as not to confuse the Antarian traveller.

panurbanlogoImagine presenting an alien with a model of a Sherman tank and asking him to recreate 1940’s America, New York City and its people and their transport system in perfect detail?

That is the task any budding Gates of Antares terrain builder finds themselves facing every day. This series of articles is intended to provide some reasonable background, a framework, if you will to help inspire and guide such terrain building.

Wayne Clayton


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