The Vardos Delhren

A Resource for 'Beyond the Gates of Antares'

Foornyn 2-41-6, Outcast Rebel

From one of the older, core world hatcheries on Gharon, High Commander Foornyn found himself in danger when he proved to be too loyal to the Supreme Commander. He found his force (Battle Group Thirteen) continually pushed into some appalling situations against the Algoryn when promised reinforcements from Battlegroup Nine failed to arrive.

Matters got worse when he found himself posted to the deadly planet Shamasai: despite promises, the logistics backup never appeared and the technical infrastructure meant to help his forces survive proved to be little more than a troopship carrying the rest of his battle group – with little or no equipment.

He tried to return to asafe planet but ran into one of Fartok’s roaming scavenger vessels – an Outcast Ghar destroyer. Much to his surprise, rather than be executed (which is what he had been told might happen), the destroyer Captain proved to be highly sympathetic and offered him and his troops a place in the ranks of the Outcast Rebels.

Fartok welcome Foornyn and his experienced troops with delight. After being re-equipped with what could be found, Foornyn was assigned a watching brief over a small Antares sector which included Shamasai (the Rebels are more organised than he expected). His task is to track troop movements, protect Shamasai from Ghar or any other depredation or exploitation, and root out more resources and possible planets on which Outcast bases and factories can be placed.


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