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A blog post on useful blogs?

Yes. It struck me that some of the really good Antares blogs out there aren’t given enough air. I’ve linked to a few here and there, but the following are probably worth attention as giving player and background information on Antares. I’ll add to this as more come to mind, but its worth noting there are some really great painting blogs around, too (too many) that are worth searching for on the main Antares IMTel Facebook page.

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Role-specific lists: Freeborn

I saw an idea for a Freeborn army list, recently, that reminded me a great deal of something I’ve mentioned earlier: Role-Specific Army Lists. In that post I described my Concord Skiritai, a light infantry force that used transports to get to places and support themselves in combat when the use of transmats was impossible.

The inspirational image here was a potential army pack, including a T7 transport, and it got me thinking. Whilst my Delhren have their own list (see the forthcoming Chryseis Shard), there are other Freeborn who are more focused towards mercenary roles of various types. Continue reading

Plasma Amplifiers and Reactors

The Ghar are one of the pivotal factions in Antarean terms: not-quite-human, a mix of genetically degenerate yet advanced and focused, warlike, understandably confused and, aesthetically striking. When learning, they can be difficult to face yet, after playing the game for a while, opponents get the hang of things and they can be difficult to use!

I love ’em. I love the models, the feel, the “Rebel-but-ideologically-loyal Fartok”/”Loyal-but-twisted Karg” backstory and the simple, existential dilemma they are now facing. It makes for solid narratives and stories in each game – and it’s that about Gates of Antares that really appeals.

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Distort Spinners and Grenades

There have been a few questions lately about grenades in hand-to-hand and the Algoryn Distort Spinners, and some unfortunate confusion about how Compound SV works with grenades. After Rick gave out a FAQ confirmation (see the Antares Forums), I thought it might also be a good idea to expand on that here, with an example.

It’s worth reading this in conjunction with the relevant rules in the main rulebook: Grenades on p.85, Distort Spinner (D-Spinner) on p.66, Assaults and Hand-to-Hand combat on pp.41-43 and perhaps Point Blank Shooting (PBS) on pp.40-41.

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Role-Specific Army Lists

Whilst for tournaments and Boot Camps I’m fairly strict on army lists – even going as far as to implement some of Martin Otten’s restrictions on OH fire support weapons, on a week-by-week basis at the club we’re fairly relaxed. As long as the force is pretty representative and doesn’t diverge too much or isn’t geared towards munchkinism, then it’s okay. It’s nice to experiment and we’re social gamers more than competitive.

It helps that we’ve playtested quite a few strange lists, too.

I’ll even admit to not selecting some kit (multiple Rebel Creepers in a squad, for example, or making sure the Rebels aren’t too dice-heavy) because it might spoil the game. It’s quite satisfying to see concerns reflected in list updates or points errata, too.

However, I was thinking about my Concord Skiritai light/mechanised infantry force and wondering what would actually be a representative army list for them.

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Ghar Symbole

Why would Ghar invade….

I was asked recently why Ghar would invade a planet rather than just bomb it and its ‘degenerate’ human population out of existence. I’m sure we can all think of a few reasons why, but a those off the top of my head that seem most likely are listed below: more ideas are certainly welcome!

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