The Vardos Delhren

A Resource for 'Beyond the Gates of Antares'

Antares Play Aids

Play aids and handouts for the game Beyond the Gates of Antares

These are sourced from a number of players who share their own handouts to others and have asked for them to be added here. Thanks to those who have supplied them. Those not created by me have an acknowledgement at the end of the entry.

You are welcome to download these player aids for your own use. They are not intended to act as an infringement on any rights of Rick Priestley or Warlord Games and are not for sale or resale.


You will require the rules to understand these aids: as always, the rules are  the definitive reference and whilst I, and those who provide them, try very hard to make sure they are correct, these personal aids may contain undiscovered errors. If so, do let me know.

Please do not permalink a regularly refreshed and active page to this as it will drive my traffic through the roof! Passive links, however, will be useful so feel free to do so. Most files are in PDF format, for which you will need appropriate PDF document reader software (there are loads to choose from).

  • Terrain chits – Terrain chits to place in terrain to provide a quick guide as to their effects (PDF).

Scenario/ Mission generators

  • Random Scenario generator – different missions (one card), different deployments (one card) (Tim Bancroft (Halfbat)) (Blog Post)
  • Antares Mission Cards – full v1.0 – more complex mission/objective cards and instructions for randomly generated scenarios (Dave (Blue Team) Horobin) – PDF – all files in one).

Other markers, chits, play aids and unit cards




9 thoughts on “Antares Play Aids

  1. Great play aides, clear and concise. Up until now I have been using colored disks to mark which units are using amplifiers and which ones were burnt out. I intend to start using your counters and share them with the rest of my group as well. good work sir.


  2. Hi, Tim. I’m a member of Tibour’s game group and one who will be doing the play aids. I’m going to start with some alternate Concord cards based on the kind of info you have on yours. I’d be happy to send them to you after. I’m sure I will have to do each army for the less tech savvy of our group 🙂


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