The Vardos Delhren

A Resource for 'Beyond the Gates of Antares'


This site is for the work of Tim Bancroft in the SF universe of the Gates of Antares.

Beyond the Gates of Antares‘ is a game created by Rick Priestley alongside Warlord Games. The universe has a rich, fairly hard-SF (well, solidish-SF) background, a variety of different factions and is incredibly expandable.

A vardos is a Freeborn trading house – a mini-empire, really, and the Vardos Delhren is a predominantly human-normal, minor house with only 5 (some say 6) planets and a large fleet of mining, transport and interstellar ships. It is also the home of Batu Delhren, a troublesome nephew of the ruling vard.

This blog is centred around Batu Delhren and the Delhren mercantile house, hence the Vardos Delhren. It will also feature Shaltok 12-41-9, a mis-bred Ghar Commander, and perhaps even Ceahray, an Algoryn ex-officer forced to…

[IMTel feed interruption; spoiler alert]

There are a number of items that will be added to this blog: background to the stories I write for Warlord or anyone else on the Antares universe; straightforward fiction written for fun; scenarios; personnel stats; game accounts; pics; play aids… anything I think that is of use or which I enjoy.

My hope is you will find it useful and enjoyable, too.

I have my other professional blog that I maintain over at The Sceap Tome that contains links to my writing, other SF and pain management material. This blog is solely for those interested in Beyond the Gates of Antares.



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Tim
    I’ve developed a Freeborn house using your template. What next? Shall I send it to you, and if so how?


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