A set of links to the prequel stories relating to ‘the Chryseis Shard’ supplement.

  • Plaguespore Part I – Batu is ordered to investigate the disturbing disappearance of a Concord colony.
  • Plaguespore Part II – Further details are uncovered of a devastating new threat to the Concord: the Plaguespore.
  • Plaguespore Part III – Batu and Baray uncover some sinister truths about the Plaguespore and suspect a military mind is behind it all.
  • Plaguespore Part IV – The Freeborn Delhren discover the Plaguespore is building a tower on teh old, Concord settlement. They try to destroy it…
  • Plaguespore Part V – … but soon find it is more difficult to destroy than they realise. In danger of its destruction, the Shamasai Shard awakens…

Tim's Sceap Tome

BatuBarayI’ve recently written a new serial and an accompanying short in preparation for Warlord Games’ new supplement, The Chryseis Shard. Once more, the series involves Batu and Baray, both key characters in The Chryseis Shard, and introduces readers to some of the capabilities of Batu’s annoying nano drone – now a sort of personal daemon.

All parts of the serial and the Chryseis prequel are now available on the Warlord website. I sincerely hope you enjoy reading this development in a small part of the Antares universe.

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