A blog post on useful blogs?

Yes. It struck me that some of the really good Antares blogs out there aren’t given enough air. I’ve linked to a few here and there, but the following are probably worth attention as giving player and background information on Antares. I’ll add to this as more come to mind, but its worth noting there are some really great painting blogs around, too (too many) that are worth searching for on the main Antares IMTel Facebook page.

BlogGuideGary Martin’s Wargames and Painting blog ‘by Big Gazza’ – Gary’s a Gate Builder and really good painter. He runs an assortment of articles from conversions to ‘how to’s’ and examples. His work on the Algoryn Liberator is jaw-dropping.

Aston Howes is another Gate Builder who has a produced a summary of every faction in Antares.  As the host for his Dead Weight Gaming blogsite struggles to be selective, you can access his Antares faction articles through the faction summary page on this site.

Sylann Reward blogs in French on his local hobby shop’s blog, called, well, Hobby Shop. The Antares category he said he’d sort out has now appeared! So, for a really nice mix of articles (universe, history, game, etc), try Blog Hobby Shop.

Asher Longney and Dan (‘Gurnecopter’)have an occasional podcast in  the Noise Sector and their Noise Sector youtube videos are well worth looking out for.

Shimond Wargames Amsterdam (Simone Ristori) has a ‘Wargames Amsterdam‘ blog as ‘an Italian living in Amsterdam’. He has a specific category on Antares with some interesting ideas.

David Horobin has an excellent blog in Listing to Port in which he examines the army lists (and a few other things) and makes suggestions. We’ve linked to his pages from elsewhere as they are well worth a read and he’s currently trying to update them with all the new things coming out for Chryseis and the online army lists.

Finally, I have to mention the Freeborn Shard podcast, hosted by Justin Shearer and myself. We’ve run through all the factions,  have regular interviews with key Antares writers and drivers as well as reviews and tactical discussions.

And, of course, there’s this one. 🙂