Warlord asked me to write a piece on the weapons used by the Concord. It’s in two parts, the first part here, and the second part here. Warlord’s Richard C. did a good job in mixing in the story with the rules extracts.

Rather than just describe them, it needed to have a sensible, linking narrative. Instead of just describing a complex battlefield scenario, I decided to have a look at their weaponry from the viewpoint of a new system entering the PanHuman Concord.

Such an approach allows for a degree of naivetë and even humour that might otherwise be missing. We are allowed to misunderstand becausee the narrator – a reporter – misunderstands a lot about the Cncord and its motives. He struggles with the terminology – a ‘disharmonious environment’ being the local C3 shard’s description for a battlefield.

He also has no idea just how potent the weaponry is.

It’s a useful narrative device that helps the write and the present-day reader imagine what would happen if we were exposed to the Concord. In Antarean terms, our most advanced body armour barely rates a ‘+0’ on the Antares armour scale whilst our most advanced combat rifles would just be lugger guns. Presented with a batter shield, arc sink or localised suspensor Net, our troops would be bewildered, nhever mind about havign to talk to a tank or weapon to persuade it to operate.

Of course, the reporter’s world is a little more advanced than ours – but not by much. In writing it though, I began to wonder how we would cope if the Concord paid us a visit…

🙂 or is that 😮 ?