Just so things can be kept together, this a pointer to an Antares Insights article I wrote on transports but which is up on the Warlord site: A closer look at transports. As with all the Insights articles, tricky bits were talked over with Rick, first, and in this case we came up with a number of FAQs, too, that Rick put in the August 2016 Q&A.  There was another question on MOD units which is worth explaining as even Rick forgot what he’d decided…

This concerns questions around deploying and failing MOD units. The first is ‘how do I deploy MOD units’ and ‘how do I bring them after turn 1’ and ‘how many dice do I put in the bag at each stage’ (A: one(1) for deploying on-table before the game, all the MOD dice at other times until it loses them).  Both of these are in the transport FAQ/Insight article.

There was a subsequent question ‘what happens if my MOD unit fails its command test to come on’, to which the answer is ‘retain the dice and try again with the next one – or the one after that’. As soon as the MOD unit succeeds the failing order dice should be given the same order as the successful dice and placed beside/beneath it. If the MOD unit fails to come on with all its dice, then all its order dice are kept off the table and placed back in the bag at the start of the next turn.