As part of the novel I wrote for the Beyond the Gates of Antares universe, I also wrote some guidelines on interstellar travel. Some of those have generated a series of posts for those interested in Starship travel. Rather than have them lost in the aethersphere, the three are collated below.

Part 1 deals in the basics of gate travel following a Concord citizen, Dorun, on his first interstellar journey: a trip aboard the liner, The Holiday of a Liftime

Part 2 deals with a few more details and specifics of the perils of gate travel for a Concord scout after Dorun hires on to the Concord scouting and exploration corps.

Part 3 outlines typical ships of each faction and shows the size and scale of some of the ships in the Antares universe, some of which make an appearance in the upcoming anthologies and novel: Too many stars to count.