Another Freeborn house has revealed itself, this one from the hands of Adam Murton.

The Vardos Cadix is rather eclectic with a diverse trading fleet. The house has no focus on technology, but picks up, trades for or simply reshards whatever it comes across, so might field Isorian Nhamak drones alongside  Algoryn spotters along side Concord targeters.

For me, it’s yet another encouraging illustration of how the Antarean universe can be extended and used to build a background for a gamer’s own preferences and likes. And this is without breaking any game rules and certainly without going against the flow of a universe’s backstory that is more complex and nuanced than others. Whilst other universes state ‘this is what is’ and constrain, the Antares approach is to say ‘this is generally what happens’ and enable imagaination and customisation.

It’s a liberating approach. And the Cadix are a great addition to the collection. 🙂

Cadix Symbol 512