I have a game coming vs Lea Davidson’s Concord, the Blue 519 Shard. He has a backstory for his Concord in that the systems around Blue 519 were cut off for a while by the fluctuating currents of the Antares photosphere and when they emerged back into contact they were significantly divergent from the rest of the C3.

Think Brexit, but on a larger scale.

The Blue 519 Mandarins keep their shard intact by what appears to be a variation of Freeborn de-sharding technology: whenever anyone returns from out-system, they strip them of foreign shard influences (probably completely) and reshard them into 519 again. By doing so, their purity is retained.

Of course, such a situation means they will come into conflict with any of the baseline Concord as their shard will automatically register as hostile, much like Isorians but hopefully not to that extreme.

That’s important for our game next week (23rd) as my ‘pure’, Shamasai-camouflaged C3 troops have been exploring a planet near the borders of Blue 519. It appears that the planet has significant layers of heavy- and rare metals in it’s upper crust, possibly as a result of a late planetary bombardment. This means it not only could contain incredible amounts of useful raw matter, but it could also contain artefacts from earlier ages: ruins are plentiful on the surface.

On one such exploration expedition, the core Concord troops are returning to their HQ for much-needed supplies when they are surprised by a force of Blue 519 troops doing exactly the same. Luckily, the interlopers are just as dumbfounded and the two Concord forces find they are in each others way…

Such is the backstory for a ‘An Unexpected Encounter’ at 1000 points with a subset of my fully-kitted out Concord army. Army lists to be posted at a later date…

I like such backstories for the games I play – which is partly why I like the Battle for Xilos supplement so much. It’s also why I like the objective games as it makes the table top combat so much mroe story based raher than traditional hit-me-hit-you battles. Whilst I have a rich background in general based around Shamasai, the Delhren, the SITAI and ToR 563 (a story to come), these mostly affect my Ghar whilst my Concord are baseline.

In contrast, Lea has come up with an interesting justification as to why his Concord are different. I hope he fleshes it out – and I’d love to see more such justifications for errant ex-Concord shards.

In my view, such history means the story of Antares just gets better and better.