Having started to expand my Ghar into Outcasts, I thought I ought to put together a High Commander, and background. Welcome to Foornyn 2-41-6, an older Ghar ‘hatched’ on Gharon over a century ago but double-crossed by Karg and effectvely forced into opposition.

At the moment (and figures are under paint!) the core of his force is likely to consist of

  • Suited High Commander with two bodyguard (~287 with Dumps and claws)
  • Outcast Rebel command squad (4-5) (84-92 with Maglashes)
  • Two troops of experienced Outcast Black Guard (or, in his case, Red Ghard, 9 of) (112 each  with Lance, Carbine, X-Launcher and Maglash or grenades)
  • Possibly Outcast Rebels with luggers (9 of) (71 or 87 with Reflex)
  • 1-2 * Disruptor Cannon + Leader (36 or 42 with Reflex)
  • Hybrid MLS + Leader (36 or 42 with Reflex)
  • Hybrid Mag Cannon + Leader (46 or 52 with Reflex)
  • Bomber Squad + Leader 2, scutter, trooper, Amps (263)
  • 1-2 of Tectorists (20-30), Flitters (20), Bomb Flitters (40-80)

The precise points values are yet to be calculated, but that might scrape in just over 1000 points (and, yes, I’ll have to check list allowances, but it’s a start). 🙂 I’ll have to run it against my Ghar loyalists some time…