There has a been a lot of discussion on the Antares Facebook page and in the ‘My Army’ list on the Antares forum about different styles of Freeborn house. Richard Dando’s approach is of particularly interest as it assumes a largely Feral army (it is well worth a look). We even have some houses outlined here that assume different levels of technology, from highly advanced to the 21st century equivalent.

Following a recent interview with Rick Priestley on The Freeborn Shard podcast, I found the level of technology in a C3 star system and in a Freeborn House could vary much more than I expected: effectively, some systems could diverge quite drastically from the original IMTel when left alone for a while. Whilst this explains the cohesiveness within a Freeborn House – as the constant coming and going of ships would keep information flows and data up-to-date (and it also suggests a secondary role for Freeborn houses) – it can also explain the separateness between Houses as their surgical, counter-shard and resharding technology automatically deals with opposing nanospheres.

As a result I created a sub-page for the Delhren that lists the more common technologies that might not be assumed from the army lists and core book ‘fluff’. These technologies are used throughout the Shamasai chronicles on the Warlord website by Batu Delhren.