Updates and things to come

I’ve updated the GoA Game Markers, adding vehicle and drone immobilisation and weapon malfucntion markers as well as a couple of wound markers. I may need to do other things, but these are a good start for me.

It’s great to see what’s coming up in the Warlord What’s to come report – some great figures and I’m pleased my custom builds on AI kit look fairly similar to ‘the real things’.

Most importantly, though, is that Justin Shearer and I are planning a new Antares podcast – The Freeborn Shard. With news, reviews, guests and ‘Focus On…’ topics we’re hoping it’s going to be a real help.  The first episode covers the Xilos Starter Set and the wonders of the Antarean universe in general, and we also have a very special guest.  We’ll announce it when it’s ready – perhaps in a few days!

Have fun.



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