Following from the Ghar vs AI report that I put up a few days ago, we decided to try out the House Geff proxy troops against the Ghar. Unfortunately, I totally forgot to take photographs, so my apologies! The forces ended up bing around 1500 a side – 3000 points on a 6’x4′ table with a lot of terrain (as specified in the scenario description).

The Ghar had roughly the same force as previously except they subsidised an 12-man Outcast squad with disruptor cannon for the Outcast Command squad.

The Geff had 4*8-man Domari squads, 1*Feral squad, 1*Command squad, 1*2-drone Light Support Drone squad (a refurbished special for their list from the Concord), a Transport, a combat skimmer (refurbished Algoryn with two Mag Light Support), an X-Launcher team and a Mag Cannon with forward obs from a shard of targeters.

Set-up ended up with Domari squads in bunkers either side of the centre protecting a small village (partly ruined). The Ghar were set up with strong flanks (5-suit assault and 3-suit battle squads on the left, Command Crawler plus 4-suit bomber plus 3-suit battle squad on the other) with the Outcasts in the centre as a forlorn hope.

Turn 1 ended up with amplified Ghar pushing forward on the right and pummeling the bunker. In the centre and left, the Ghar were more cautious, taking shelter behind large buildings and crags. There were few clear targets for the Domari and their fire was ineffectual.

Turn 2 saw the Freeborn bring on their combat skimmer which immediately proceeded to attack the advancing bomber squad. The Command Crawler, bomber squad and battle squad Ghar obliterated the Domari and bunker on their right with copious amounts of disruptor bombs – even the Outcast’s disruptor cannon got a piece of the action. On the left, the assault squad surged forward to gain egress to the bunker but found one of their number falling to a fortuitous shot from the cowering Domari. To their frustration, most of the Ghar Amplifiers immediately packed up!

Turn 3 saw all the Freeborn reinforcements arrive as the Ghar were entering their half of the table. A mag cannon quickly deployed in front of the command crawler, fired, and to its amazement the command crawler failed its save and re-roll only for the cannon to roll a ‘9’ and a ’10’ with its Massive Damage dice on the vehicle damage chart (Destroyed): the bewildered Ghar watched as their commander’s plasma reactor blew up. On the right and left, battle squads advanced as fast as they could, taking heavy fire. In the centre the outcasts cowered in the face of waves of distorted reality rolling over them (both – a Distort dice ended up in the bag at the end of the previous turn).

Turn 4 saw both battle squads lose a Ghar each to lucky mag gun fire – mind you, they were both targeted by several squads of Domari and vehicles and, on the right, by the Mag Cannon (a weapon the Freeborn commander was beginning to love). The X-Launcher tried to pin the assault squad but the Ghar chased the Domari out the bunker and proceeded to follow them towards the Freeborn baseline. The command squads, ferals and MLS skimmer engaged the bomber squad but to little avail, the ferlas going down after a disruptor bomb tore several apart. The assault Ghar were whittled down by MLS fire from the transport in front of them but could do little in reply.

The Outcast cannon was, once more, pinned by the distort dice, whilst the outcasts threaded their way through the villager’s supply crates and tried to take out the combat skimmer hassling their bomber squad (they took out its batter drone).

Turn 5 saw both battle squads on either flank exit off-table before they were totally incapacitated (Plasma Amps having now all failed). The assault squad, now almost completely surrounded, charged a unit of Domari, losing yet another of their number in the process but their discharges and claws caused heavy casualties. Whilst a gap opened up for them to advance off the table, it was short-lived as the Freeborn numbers told and their exit was blocked. After yet another ’10’, The bomber squad found itself down a bomb-trooper, effectively becoming a 2-suit battle squad.

Turn 6 saw the assault Ghar pinned, the Outcast cannon down (again) from reality distortions and the Outcast squad almost reduced to half by withering MLS fire from the combat skimmer. However, the plucky Outcasts had managed to almost come to the aid of their assault troopers.

Overall, the Ghar won a narrow 3-pt victory, but another turn would probably have seen that victory whittled down to a 1-point win or even to a -1 point loss (the Outcast Cannon stuck on their own side of the table).

Numerous failed Res saves (on 10s) really damaged the Ghar but, tbh, the constrant stream of MLS, mag cannon and sheer weight of numbers against them forced such rolls in the first place. The large Outcast squad proved a useful distraction in the centre: they were almost ignored but ended up being a nuisance for the Freeborn so had to be dealt with. Plasma Amps had almost no effect after the first two turns and the 34-point Outcast cannon squad serveda s a useful dump for the Distort Dice (for most of the game).

For the Freeborn, their spotters and targeters proved to be godsends (or was that builder-sends), enabling key rerolls. The X-launcher (on a baseline hill) slowed the Ghar bomber squad but otherwise had its effects largely shrugged off, mainly because the Ghar got in close to the Freeborn and the Geff player was reluctant to fire too much so near to his own troops.

The 5-suit assault squad proved to be a formidable fear-inducer, the Freeborn running from it and paying a lot of attention once it got close to their lines. Whilst expensive (75 per suit+Leader), it was able to take casualties and pins and keep going. Further, even when reduced to two suits, its assault capabilities meant opponents were taking more casualties in close combat.

A good game – sorry for no photos, but I hope you get the idea!