A story about Batu Delhren has been submitted to Winged Hussar for their planned Gates of Antares anthology. Whilst they say ‘short story’, the 6K-10K words asked for is closer to a novelette’s sub-20K words, as most shorts tend to top out at around 6K.

Not that I mind. The format allows for greater freedom than the normal short, perhaps a bit more background and a bit more plot. However, the first plan I laid out ended up bringing the story into the 15K+ range, far too long, so I had to cut out a great deal and leave in the core – and giving a bit more development to Batu.

Still, it means there may be a longer story at a later date.

I’m working on another couple of submissions, expansions of the story thread about Shaltok and Batu that I wrote for Warlord games. These are a split of that episodic story into two, each from the view of either Shaltok or Batu. It should be an interesting experiment as each relates the same conflict but from very different viewpoints.

I’ve also added some Ghar CCG-sized reference cards to the Antares Play Aids page. These cover all the basic Ghar units and are really useful in keeping the table clear of junk. As ever, the cards depict a standard unit in use (not the RAW units) from my own play. Whilst the cards give prompts, the rules are needed and there may be errors: if so, tell me about them, please!


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