Role-Specific Army Lists

Whilst for tournaments and Boot Camps I’m fairly strict on army lists – even going as far as to implement some of Martin Otten’s restrictions on OH fire support weapons, on a week-by-week use we’re fairly relaced. As long as the force is pretty representative and doesn’t diverge too much or isn’t geared towards munchkinism, then it’s okay. It’s nice to experiment and we’re social gamers more than competitive.

It helps that we’ve playtested quite a few strange lists, too.

I’ll even admit to not selecting some kit (multiple Rebel Creepers in a squad, for example, or making sure the Rebels aren’t too dice-heavy) because it might spoil the game. It’s quite satisfying to see concerns reflected in list updates or points errata, too.

However, I was thinking about my Concord Skiritai light/mechanised infantry force and wondering what would actually be a representative army list for them.

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Ghar Symbole

Why would Ghar invade….

I was asked recently why Ghar would invade a planet rather than just bomb it and its ‘degenerate’ human population out of existence. I’m sure we can all think of a few reasons why, but a those off the top of my head that seem most likely are listed below: more ideas are certainly welcome!

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Weapons of the Concord Combined Command

Warlord asked me to write a piece on the weapons used by the Concord. It’s in two parts, the first part here, and the second part here. Warlord’s Richard C. did a good job in mixing in the story with the rules extracts.

Rather than just describe them, it needed to have a sensible, linking narrative. Instead of just describing a complex battlefield scenario, I decided to have a look at their weaponry from the viewpoint of a new system entering the PanHuman Concord.

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Let’s do NuHu

The advanced humans known as NuHu are directly linked to the nanosphere (p.127). They have evolved so that they are an integral part of the IMTel environment, part of it and an expression of it. as such, they are difficult for the ordinary, Antarean PanHuman to understand.

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Wayne Clayton’s Musings on Pan Urban City Planning and Society

Wayne Clayton recently put a number of posts up on the Antares IMTel Facebook group related to thinking about Antarean cities and how they might look. The intention was to encourage terrain building for urban conflicts: what doeseach faction look like? Whilst not canon, they do form a really good framework for thinking about such modelling – indeed, I suspect some Antarean cities and urban configuraitons will be exactly as he describes!

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Being a Gate Builder…

Warlord Games have announced a new player initiative, the Gate Builders, applications for which close Sunday 15th January 2017. These are to be a group of experienced players who aim to promote Antares, not only in their geographical area but across the hobby as a whole. I was lucky to be the first of the Gate Builders, and I was asked to post my replies to a few questions about what it means to be a Gate Builder (article is also up on Warlord Site).

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MOD units and deployment

Just so things can be kept together, this a pointer to an Antares Insights article I wrote on transports but which is up on the Warlord site: A closer look at transports. As with all the Insights articles, tricky bits were talked over with Rick, first, and in this case we came up with a number of FAQs, too, that Rick put in the August 2016 Q&A.  There was another question on MOD units which is worth explaining as even Rick forgot what he’d decided…

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